Achieve Energy Efficiency in Your Loft Conversion

As homeowners, we are constantly looking for ways to make our homes more energy efficient. Loft conversions in recent years have become increasingly popular in recent years to provide homeowners with valuable extra space. However, without the correct insulation loft conversions are notorious sources of heat loss and energy inefficiency. There are two products on the market today that are becoming increasingly popular in loft conversions these products are YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important in Loft Conversions?

Before we discuss the importance of loft conversion insulation, we must understand why energy efficiency is so important. A well-insulated loft conversion can help reduce heat loss and lower energy bills. Additionally, it can contribute to a more comfortable living environment by maintaining a consistent temperature throughout the year. Loft conversions are known for being very cold during the winter and sweltering hot during the summer with correct insulation this will minimize this problem and maintain a comfortable temperature all year round.

Why is Energy Efficiency Important in Loft Conversions?

What are YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt?

YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt are two cutting-edge insulation products designed specifically for loft conversions. YBS SuperQuilt consists of 19 layers of true aluminium foil and wadding which work together to provide excellent thermal performance. It’s the highest-performing certified multifoil on the market for building control. If you’re wanting to reach a certain u-value this is the product for you. YBS BreatherQuilt on the other hand is a breathable insulation that ensures effective ventilation while still maintaining effective insulation properties. It’s used instead of a traditional roofing membrane which allows moisture to escape whilst acting as a waterproof barrier. These two products are commonly used together to create a comprehensive insulation solution for your loft conversion.

How to Install YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt

Before installing the insulation, it’s important to prepare the loft space. Start by clearing out any debris or unnecessary items that may get in the way of the installation. Ensure the loft is clean dry and free from any moisture or mould issues. Measure the dimensions of the loft to determine how much insulation material is needed.

To install YBS SuperQuilt you can simply staple it to the roofing rafters. Start in the corner of the space and roll the insulation out vertically make sure it’s pulled taut and staple it to the rafters as you go. If you would like to install a double-layer recess the first layer of SuperQuilt into the rafters and the second layer can be pulled taut across the rafters. You can either leave the material as it is or you can install some wooden battens to create an air cavity and install plasterboard to the wooden battens. Check out our datasheet with the in depth instructions here.

YBS BreatherQuilt is installed over the top of the roofing rafters. Whether you’re installing a new roof or completing a reroofing project this is when you’d install BreatherQuilt. Roll it out over the roofing rafters and use Weather Proof Tape to secure it in place. This would ideally be installed by a professional whilst installing the roof. Check out our installation guide here.

Additional Energy-Saving Loft Conversion Tips

Additional Energy-Saving Loft Conversion Tips

In addition to using YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt, there are several other tips you can follow to further enhance the energy efficiency of your loft conversion. Consider installing energy-efficient windows to minimise heat loss and maximise natural light. Use draught excluders on doors and windows to stop cold air from entering. Insulate any ducting or pipework in the loft space. Finally, ensure the loft space is adequately insulated from the rest of the house to prevent heat transfer.


In Conclusion, achieving energy efficiency in your loft conversion is essential for creating a comfortable and sustainable living space. By using YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt together you can insulate your loft conversion effectively, and enjoy a well-insulated loft conversion that is both cost-effective and environmentally friendly.