Garage Insulation Kit

Garage Insulation Kit

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Key Features

  • Long term Solution
  • Built in Vapour Control Layer
  • Fixing Equipment Included
  • Technical Assistance and Support
  • Multifoil is Thin, Flexible and Easy to Install
  • Takes up less room than PIR
  • Trade Discounts Available
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The Ultimate Garage Insulation Kit

The Multifoil Insulation experts have designed a great value Garage Insulation Kit, that can be installed easily!

When installed the Garage Insulation Kit offers you a solution to combat the common issues we all face in Garages, such as dampness and being excessively cold / hot.

Specifically, the Insulation Kit has been designed with High Performing Multifoils, to keep your garage at an ambient temperature all year round. It does so by reflecting away excess heat in the summer, but also retaining radiant heat in the winter.

The Multifoil Insulation also has a built in Vapour Control Layer, when taped and sealed with the ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape (Which is also included within the Insulation Kit).

What’s Included in the Garage Insulation Kit?

EcoQuilt Expert, is equivalent to around 50mm of Rigid PIR such as Kingspan / Celotex – yet is just 15mm in thickness. This is a massive advantage, as we all know how important this space is. Despite it being relatively thin comparably – it has got 6 layers!

You do also have the option to insulate the Floor.

If the ‘Floor’ option is selected you will also receive:

  • EcoTec Floor Foam – To Insulate the Floor (1.2 x 25m Rolls)
  • Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape – To seal all the edges and joints
  • Thermaseal Double Sided Tape

The material used to Insulate the Floor is just 4mm in thickness – it is a highly reflective dense foam, that prevents cold bridging.

If you’re interested in just insulating your garage door check out our EcoPro Garage Door Insulation kit.

You can use the Calculator, on this Product Page to calculate how much insulation you will actually need.

If you require any more information, or if you would prefer to Contact Us feel free!

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How To Insulate your Garage

expand_circle_down Specification
Thickness 15mm (5mm Compressed)
Roll Coverage15m²
Core R-value0.93m²K/W
Roof R-value1.83m²K/W
Wall R-value2.27m²K/W
Floor R-valueup to 5.56m²K/W
Foil Emissivity0.05
Water Vapour Resistance600MNs/g
expand_circle_down Q&As

Do I need to insulate the floor?

Performance wise it is recommended to insulate the floor using our EcoTec FloorFoam which is also available in this kit. If you’re using your garage for cars, or heavy machinery and it gets a lot of wear and tear you should use some plywood over the top to prevent damage to the insulation. There is also the option to not insulate the floors if you don’t feel like it’s needed.

Do you need to board over the floor and walls?

This is something that’s completely up to you if you’re wanting to insulate your garage so it can be used as an extra room, and you don’t want to see the silver insulation you can. Boarding over the insulation can help to protect it from any damage. For the floors, dense rubber matting is a great choice because it’s made for heavy machinery and can take a lot of weight. However, you do not need to board over the insulation.

Do you need to use battens, or can you install the insulation directly to the wall?

The insulation works by expanding into the open space behind the battens and trapping warm air inside. You will still gain benefit from applying it straight to the wall, but the performance won’t be as good as installing it with battens with a 25mm gap. You would expect to lose 20% performance from removing an air cavity.

Do you need to tape and seal the insulation?

Yes, we would always recommend taping and sealing the insulation this will stop any draughts from entering the garage and prevent warm air from escaping. When our products are taped, they will work as Vapour Control Layers, reducing condensation.

Is it suitable for all year-round use?

Insulating the roof and wall would be suitable for all year-round use. Having a heat source in the garage would allow for comfortable use in the winter.

Can I cut the insulation?

Our products can easily be cut with a cutting knife or a large pair of scissors. EcoQuilt Expert is a multi-layered insulation, however it has kimbles which keeps all layers together when cutting.

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