YBS SuperQuilt Trade Pallet Deals

YBS SuperQuilt Trade Pallet Deals

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Key Features

  • SuperQuilt is BBA & BDA Certified, approved by NHBC & LABC for Building Control.
  • YBS SuperQuilt is Suitable for New Builds and Renovations
  • Highly Reflective True Aluminium Outer Layers.
  • Flexible, Thin and Easy to Install.
  • SuperQuilt can meet Building Regulations without use of PIR.
  • High Performing Vapour Control Layer.
  • Save up to 10% in Space and 30% in Cost.
  • UK Manufactured by YBS Insulation
  • YBS SuperQuilt has a Class 1 Surface spread of flame Certificate.
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Trade Discount – YBS SuperQuilt

YBS SuperQuilt Trade Pallet Deals – UK’s highest performing certified Multifoil insulation material on the market.

Guaranteed Lowest UK Price when purchasing SuperQuilt direct from SuperQuilt Insulation*

SuperQuilt is a 40mm multi-layered blanket which is accredited for use in roofs, lofts, walls and conservatories which compresses to approx 10mm. YBS SuperQuilt has been proven to insulate in less depth, cost and labour time compared Rigid PIR boards such as Kingspan.

If you require only loose rolls of SuperQuilt, please click here

Our YBS SuperQuilt Trade Pallet consists of the following;

  • 9 or 10 Rolls x SuperQuilt 1.5m x 10m (15m²)
  • 5 x FREE Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape
  • 1 x FREE Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 Staples
  • Free Delivery Next Working Day Delivery if ordered before 2pm


  • 12 Rolls x SuperQuilt 1.2m x 10m (12m²)
  • 5 x FREE Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape
  • 1 x FREE Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 Staples
  • Free Delivery Next Working Day Delivery if ordered before 2pm


  • 15 Rolls x SuperQuilt 1.2m x 10m (12m²)
  • 6 x FREE Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape
  • 1 x FREE Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 Staples
  • Free Delivery Next Working Day Delivery if ordered before 2pm

Do you have a project going through building control? Please visit our trusted distributor, Multifoil Insulation’s free and easy to use Online U-value calculator for instant results. Results of the U-value calculation will then be sent direct to the email address supplied, which can be then sent to building control for instant acceptance.

Below are all solutions where YBS SuperQuilt is certified for (LABC & BDA), the links will provide further technical information, fixing instructions and typical U-values which can be achieve;

  • SuperQuilt Pitched Roof Details – See Link
  • SuperQuilt Flat Roof Details – See Link
  • SuperQuilt ReRoofing Systems – See Link
  • SuperQuilt Timber Frame Wall Systems – See Link
  • SuperQuilt Dry Lining Wall Details – See Link
  • SuperQuilt External Wall Insulation Details – See Link
  • SuperQuilt Suspended Timber Floor Details – See Link
  • SuperQuilt Solid/Floating Floor Details – See Link
  • SuperQuilt Crawl Space Floor Details – See Link

*If a genuine re-seller is offering SuperQuilt Multifoil at a lower rate, we will beat or match their price!

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How to Fit SuperQuilt Under Rafter

How to Fit SuperQuilt onto Solid Walls

How to Insulate Above a Concrete Floor Using SuperQuilt

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Width1.2 / 1.5m
Coverage12m² / 15m²
Core R-value1.52m²K/W
Roof R-value2.50m²K/W
Wall R-value3.00m²K/W
Floor R-valueup to 5.56m²K/W
Foil Emissivity0.02
Water Vapour Resistance1569MNs/g
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Is SuperQuilt harmful?

SuperQuilt contains no harmful fibres and does not release any toxic gasses when cut or installed. When installing SuperQuilt, there is no requirement for any masks, PPE or gloves.

What thickness is SuperQuilt?

SuperQuilt is available in just one thickness, which is 40mm at a relaxed thickness and will compress down to 7mm.

Do SuperQuilt require airgaps?

To gain the best thermal performance, we recommend a minimum cavity/batten of 25mm both sides of the insulation. This is to allow the product to expand and reflect. If a cavity is removed, the performance would reduce by approx 20%.

Is SuperQuilt fireproof?

SuperQuilt has a Class E Euro Fire Classification Certificate. SuperQuilt is not fully fire-proof, however the true aluminium outer layers are flame proof, meaning if a naked flame touches the product, it will smoulder as opposed to spreading.

What’s the difference between SuperQuilt and SuperFoil?

SuperQuilt is a premium product with true aluminium foils as the outer layers, compared to SuperFoil’s range which has metalized foils which provides a lower Fire Classification Grade (Fail) SuperQuilt is also fully certified, and UK manufactured compared to SuperFoil.

Does SuperQuilt achieve building regulations?

In some applications SuperQuilt will achieve building regulations stand-alone. In Roofs and Walls, you may need to use additional insulation alongside SuperQuilt to achieve your desired U-value.

Can SuperQuilt be used on External side of Walls?

SuperQuilt is suitable for insulating on both the internal and external of solid walls. Please ensure there is a min batten of 25mm both sides of the insulation.

What does SuperQuilt consist of?

SuperQuilt consists of 19 itch-free layers including True Aluminium Foils as the Outer and Inner layer. The other 17 layers consists of recycled waddings, PE Foams, and other reflective foils.

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