EcoTec Ducting Insulation Kit

EcoTec Ducting Insulation Kit

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Key Features

  • Only 4mm thick
  • Double Sided Tape Included
  • True Aluminium Foil Either Side
  • UK Manufactured
  • Low Cost
  • Instant Energy Saving
  • Suitable for all HVAC systems
  • Flexible and Lightweight
  • Easy to Install
  • Air Bubble Insulating Membrane
  • Strong Adhesive Tape Supplied
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Upgrade Your HVAC Systems Efficiency

The EcoTec Ducting Insulation Kit has been developed to insulate internal and external heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The insulation will ensure that all HVAC systems are working as economically as possible and will also lead to a reduction in energy bills.

Ducting insulation works by reducing temperature fluctuations. This works by preventing heat loss from heating and ventilation systems. It also helps retain cold air in air conditioning systems. The more stable the temperature is inside HVAC systems the more efficient they are.

The EcoTec Ducting Kit insulation is 4mm thick and consists of an air-filled bubble membrane with a True Aluminium Foil on either side. The inner foil will help maintain the temperature within the ducting whilst the outer foil will reflect cold or hot air away from the ducting.

What’s included in the EcoTec Ducting Insulation Kit?

This kit comes in two different sizes for all project types.

  • 400mm x 15m roll of insulation and one roll of ThermaSeal Double Sided Tape 50mm x 33mm
  • 1.2m x 25m roll of insulation and two rolls of ThermaSeal Double Sided Tape 50mm x 33mm

Our EcoTec Ducting insulation Kit doesn’t contain any harmful or itchy fibres. During installation, you don’t need any PPE or a professional installer to complete the project.

All of the products that we supply are manufactured within the UK. We also offer free next working day delivery to the UK Mainland. On orders over £100 + VAT placed before 2 pm.

If you do require any technical assistance or if you would like to place your order by phone – you can request a call back by clicking HERE!  You can also call us on  0114 323 0012.

expand_circle_down Specification
Width400mm or 1200mm
Lenth15m or 25m
Weight200g per m²
Foil Emissivity0.05
Water Vapour Resistance600MNs/g
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What is its R-Value?

R-Value up to 1.46 m²K/W

How does this compare to mineral fibre insulation?

It is equivalent to 65mm of mineral fibre insulation. Yet, only 4mm thick.

What percentage of reduction in heat loss can I expect?

Up to 66% reduction in heat loss, saving you money on your energy bills

Do I need an expert or PPE to install this?

Zero fibres, which removes the need for PPE and means it is safe to install yourself.

Where is this manufactured?

It manufactured have an hour away from our distribution unit here in the UK.

What are HVAC Systems

HVAC systems include boilers, air conditioning units or ducts and moisture vents

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