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EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation

For Insulating on Top of Timber or Concrete Flooring - Prevents Cold From Rising!

The Perfect Insulation Solution for underneath Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate or Wooden Flooring. Takes up minimal space and helps eliminate damp, drafts and cold air from rising into your Home.

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SuperQuilt Main Image

YBS SuperQuilt

The Highest Certificated MultiFoil In The World

SuperQuilt has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agreement, Building Control Compliance (LABC registered detail) and NHBC Acceptance.

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U-Value Calc Options

Free and Easy to Use Online U-Value Calculator

See How You Can Meet Building Regulations In Less Than A Minute

Try our Free and Easy to Use Online U-Value Calculator today and see how you can meet Building Regulations in Less Time, Cost and Space than any other method!

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EcoQuilt Expert

Our Best Selling MultiFoil For DIY use

EcoQuilt Expert is the DIY'ers choice, as it is thin, flexible and easy to install. It is High Performing and suitable for Lofts, Walls, Floors, Conservatories and Garden Buildings.

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The UK’s Leading Distributors of Multifoil Insulation

Here at Multifoil Insulation, we supply a large range of high-performance reflective multi-layered foil insulation products. Multifoil Insulation is commonly used in a variety of applications, including residential and commercial buildings. It can be used in walls, floors, roofs, garages, sheds, garden buildings, conservatories, and many more to improve energy efficiency and reduce heat loss or gain.

Benefits of Multifoil Insulation

One of the main benefits of Multifoil Insulation is its ability to provide effective thermal insulation in a thin and lightweight form. Unlike traditional insulation materials like fiberglass or rigid board, which can be bulky and require more space for installation, Multifoil Insulation can achieve the same level of thermal resistance with a much thinner layer.

Another advantage of Multifoil Insulation is its ability to reflect radiant heat. The reflective foil layers in Multifoil Insulation help to bounce back radiant heat waves, preventing them from entering or escaping the building. This can significantly reduce heat transfer through conduction and convection, improving energy efficiency and reducing heating or cooling costs. Multifoil Insulation also acts as a vapour control barrier when sealed with Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape. This means that they effectively prevent moisture from penetrating the building, reducing the risk of mould and dampness.

Multifoil Insulation Applications

Wall Insulation

When it comes to wall insulation, Multifoil Insulation is an excellent choice. We offer a wide range of products specifically designed for wall projects. Whether you are working with Dry lining, Timber Frames, Cavity Walls, or Dwarf Walls, we have the material that will suit your needs.

One of our popular certified products is YBS SuperQuilt. It has been certified for building control, ensuring that it meets all necessary standards and regulations. Another certified product we offer is BreatherFoil FR, which is also suitable for building control applications with Timber Frame Builds.

In addition to these certified options, we also offer thinner and more affordable materials that are perfect for DIY applications such as EcoQuilt Expert and EcoQuilt45. These materials are designed to be easily installed by homeowners who want to improve the energy efficiency of their homes without breaking the bank.

Floor Insulation

We offer a comprehensive range of floor insulation that’s suitable for solid floors, suspended timber floors, crawl spaces, and screeded floors. With our Multifoil Insulation for floors, you can achieve optimal insulation levels while saving on costs, space, and labour compared to rigid PIR insulation.

The use of Multifoil in floor applications has several advantages over traditional insulation. Firstly, our Multifoil products are lightweight and flexible, making them easier to handle and install. Another key advantage of using Multifoil Insulation such as EcoTec Floor-Foam is its space-saving design with it being just 4mm thick it won’t add much height to the floor. For building control, we have options such as YBS SuperQuilt for Suspended timber floors, solid floors, and crawl spaces.

YBS FloorQuilt is the only Multifoil Insulation that’s designed to insulate solid floors beneath screeds. There are also DIY options like EcoQuilt Expert and EcoQuilt45 which are designed for anyone looking to improve their existing floor insulation without going through building regulations.

Roof Insulation

Our extensive range of products caters to various types of roofs, including pitched roofs, flat roofs, loft floors, and under rafters. Whether you’re a homeowner looking for a DIY solution or a professional contractor needing materials to meet building regulations, we have the right multifoil insulation options for you.

Two of our most popular products are YBS BreatherQuilt and YBS SuperQuilt, which are specifically designed to meet building control requirements. YBS BreatherQuilt is generally designed for over rafter use, whilst SuperQuilt is recommended under rafter. This means they have been tested and approved by BDA and BBA to ensure their effectiveness in providing thermal insulation for your roof. We have also created some insulation systems that will meet a certain U-value that’s commonly required. Our TyvaQuilt, TrioQuilt, and Triple Layer SuperQuilt systems incorporate YBS SuperQuilt and YBS BreatherQuilt to give you superior thermal insulation for your roof while ensuring compliance with building control.

For those looking for a more cost-effective option or DIY application, we offer a range of thinner materials and DIY Insulation Kits. These materials are still highly effective in providing excellent insulation properties while being more affordable and easier to handle during installation. Our DIY kits such as our Loft Floor Insulation Kit and Under Rafter Insulation Kit use EcoQuilt Expert which is perfect for anyone wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their home without breaking the bank.

Conservatory Insulation

If you’re looking to improve the energy efficiency and comfort of your conservatory, multifoil insulation is a great solution. We offer a DIY Kit specifically designed for insulating conservatories, allowing you to create a more useable space. EcoQuilt Expert is used within our kit and has been specifically engineered to retain heat during the colder months, keeping your conservatory warm and cozy. Similarly, it also can repel unwanted heat during the warmer months, ensuring a comfortable temperature all year round.

To complete your conservatory roof insulation project, we also offer the ConservaClad Roof Kit. This cladding kit is specifically designed to finish off any conservatory roof insulation project, providing a neat attractive, and clean appearance. With the combination of our Conservatory Insulation Kit, you can transform your conservatory into a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing space.

Shed Insulation

We offer a range of Multifoil Insulation kits specifically designed for sheds and other similar applications. These Shed Kits are not only suitable for sheds, but also for summerhouses, garden buildings, caravans, and many more. The additional fitting items included in both kits also make the installation hassle-free.

One of the options available is the EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit which stands out for its superior thermal performance. This is achieved through its thicker insulation. The increased thickness and additional layers contribute to better thermal retention, ensuring the shed remains warm and comfortable even in colder weather conditions.

For those looking for a more cost-effective option, the EcoTec Shed Insulation Kit is an excellent choice. While it offers good thermal benefits, it is designed to be more budget-friendly without compromising on quality.

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