Saddle Clips for Multifoils

Saddle Clips for Multifoils

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Key Features

  • Designed for recessing all our MultiFoil materials
  • Eliminates the use of a secondary Batten
  • Designed to for 50mm wide Joists, Rafters or Battens
  • For use in Roofs, Walls and Floors
  • Saves on Labour Time
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YBS Saddle Clips for Multifoils

Our Saddle Clips for Multifoils are designed to recess our Multifoil Insulation materials. They are commonly used in our Double Layer application for pitched or Flat Roofs. They can also be used in walls and floors to eliminate the use of a secondary batten.

The benefit of using Saddle Clips is to ensure the correct airspace is created on either side of our Multifoils. It is vital that the correct air gaps are used to ensure the product performs to its fullest.

These clips come in boxes of 100 and are designed for 50mm wide rafters, joists, or battens and are 54mm deep. All they need is a singular nail to secure them in place. This saves time and space compared to installing a secondary batten.

Where can these be used?

  • We advise these products to be fixed over either the roof rafters, studs or joists.
  • They are designed for timber widths of 50mm.

They are for Multifoils are commonly used in SuperQuilt’s 2 Layer application for a pitched roof. This system alongside an insulated plasterboard of 37.5m will achieve a U-value of 0.18.

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expand_circle_down Specification
Clip Depth27mm or 54mm
Suitable for 35 - 50mm Width Joists
expand_circle_down Q&As

What do Saddle Clips do?

Saddle clips are typically used in double-layer roof applications to meet construction code requirements in buildings with pitched and flat roofs. Saddle clips ensure that the correct air gap Is created on either side of the multifoil insulation. Saddle Clips are also popular in suspended timber floor joists also.

How do you install Saddle Clips?

Once the Quilt is laid over the timber joists or rafters, you then push the saddle clips over the timber. This then recesses the insulation layer in-between the joists. This will create an air cavity both sides of the material.

What Multifoil Insulations do I use Saddle clips with?

Saddle clips can be used with EcoQuilt Expert, YBS SuperQuilt, Foil-Tec and Airtec Double.

What size Joist can I use Saddle clips with?

Saddle clips are designed to be used on 50mm wide joists, battens, or rafters.

Why should I use Saddle clips?

Saddle clips save time money and space because they eliminate the need for a second batten between two layers of Multifoil Insulation.

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