YBS SuperQuilt Trade

YBS SuperQuilt Trade

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Key Features

  • Dual purpose, 2-in-1 insulating and vapour control membrane.
  • Unique Kimble design that holds layers in place to avoid separation when cutting.
  • The high thermal resistance of up to 2.84 m2 K/W, equivalent to 125mm mineral wool.
  • Thermally tested to industry standards.
  • Reduces energy usage, saving money.
  • Zero fibres remove the need for PPE.
  • Effective radiant barrier – warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.
  • Unique overlapping method removes the risk of thermal bridging.
  • Fast and easy to install.
  • Made in Britain
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Boost the Energy Efficiency of Your Home

YBS SuperQuilt Trade is a 2 in 1 high-performing thermal insulation as well as a highly effective built-in vapour control membrane. It has been designed with the tradesperson in mind because it’s flexible, easy to install and it’s high quality.

The total R-Value is up to 2.84 m²K/W. It’s just 40mm in thickness which can be compressed to 10mm during installation. This is equivalent to 125mm of Mineral Wool.

Due to its thermally efficient 19 layers, it helps block all forms of energy transfer. SuperQuilt Trade successfully keeps your home warm on cold winter days. It can even help maintain a cooler temperature during the hot summer days.

There are zero harmful fibres produced by YBS SuperQuilt Trade when cut or installed so you don’t need any specific PPE for the installation process.

When taped and sealed using our ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape SuperQuilt Trade created a vapour control layer that helps control any build-up of condensation and moisture.


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expand_circle_down Specification
Core R-Value1.52m2 K/W
Roof R-Value (Core + 2 x 25mm Cavities)2.42m2 K/W
Wall R-Value (Core + 2 x 38mm Cavities) 2.84m2 K/W
Floor R-Value (Core + 1 x 150mm Cavity)3.89m2 K/W
Emission coefficients of surfaces 0.05
FlammabilityClass F
Water vapour resistance1569MNs/g
Thickness40mm approx
Area (m2 )15m2
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What thickness is SuperQuilt Trade?

SuperQuilt trade is available in just one thickness, which is 40mm in its relaxed state but compresses down to 7mm during installation.

Does SuperQuilt Trade need an air gap?

For the best thermal performance we recommend using a 25mm batten on both sides of the insulation. This will create a 25mm airgap for the insulation to expand and reflect. If these airgaps were removed, the performance would be reduced by around 20%.

Does SuperQuilt Trade meet building regulations?

No, SuperQuilt Trade won't meet building regulations. However the original YBS SuperQuilt will meet building regulations.

What is SuperQuilt Trade equivalent to?

A single layer of SuperQuilt Trade is equivalent to 125mm of Mineral Wool.

Do I Need any PPE to Install?

There is no requirement for any protective equipment, as there are no harmful fibres present.

Where is SuperQuilt Trade Manufactured?

SuperQuilt Trade is manufactured just half an hour away from our distribution unit. It is Made here in Britain, unlike some of the lookalike product on the market that often lack accreditation.

What is the R-Value of SuperQuilt Trade?

What is the R-Value of SuperQuilt Trade? SuperQuilt Trade has an R-Value of up to 2.84 m²K/W – you can contact us if you are going through building regulations and wish to check how you can incorporate this product.

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