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EcoTec Floor-Foam Insulation

For Insulating on Top of Timber or Concrete Flooring - Prevents Cold From Rising!

The Perfect Insulation Solution for underneath Carpet, Vinyl, Laminate or Wooden Flooring. Takes up minimal space and helps eliminate damp, drafts and cold air from rising into your Home.

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SuperQuilt Main Image

YBS SuperQuilt

The Highest Certificated MultiFoil In The World

SuperQuilt has been independently tested and certified to the latest Industry Standards, including BDA Kiwa certificate of Agreement, Building Control Compliance (LABC registered detail) and NHBC Acceptance.

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U-Value Calc Options

Free and Easy to Use Online U-Value Calculator

See How You Can Meet Building Regulations In Less Than A Minute

Try our Free and Easy to Use Online U-Value Calculator today and see how you can meet Building Regulations in Less Time, Cost and Space than any other method!

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EcoQuilt Expert

Our Best Selling MultiFoil For DIY use

EcoQuilt Expert is the DIY'ers choice, as it is thin, flexible and easy to install. It is High Performing and suitable for Lofts, Walls, Floors, Conservatories and Garden Buildings.

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Multifoil Insulation Suppliers

Multifoil-Insulation.com specialise in delivering high performance discounted reflective multifoil insulation throughout the UK & Europe. Being one of the top Insulation Suppliers, we offer free next day delivery within the UK and fast delivery to most other countries in Europe.

Why Fit Multifoil Insulation?

Multifoil insulation was first introduced by NASA on the Apollo missions to space to insulate the capsule. Since then their use has become widespread to their superior performance. Traditional rigid board insulation like Celotex and Kingspan absorbs the heat energy and once the insulation board gets up to temperature the room equalises. The problem with rigid insulation board is it only starts working when the insulation board reaches temperature whereas multifoil insulation instantly reflects the heat back into a space. The benefits of multifoil compared to Kingspan or Celotex do not stop there; using rigid PIR board results in significantly more wastage, it is difficult to cut to obtain an airtight seal on fitting and creates unhealthy dust during installation.

What is the Difference Between the Various Multifoil Materials?

The use of multifoil insulation has significantly grown over the last ten years to replace PIR/rigid board. The benefits to the installer are that multifoil insulation is fast and easy to install, takes up minimal space and normally costs less in material and labour time to install than traditional insulation. Our multifoil materials are manufactured from true aluminium foil which is considered to be the best material both in terms of performance and fire safety. The most cost effective option based on price/performance ratio is EcoQuilt Expert. SuperFoil is a Chinese-manufactured multifoil product which is made from a look-alike aluminium foil – whilst SuperFoil looks similar to YBS SuperQuilt we consider SuperQuilt to be a far superior product due to the true aluminium foil used to manufacture YBS SuperQuilt. Actis is a French-manufactured multifoil insulation blanket which uses a polymer foil which looks like real aluminium foil – again like SuperFoil, Actis multifoil insulation is not true aluminium. Actis also does not carry any UK Certification, and is commonly not accepted by Local Authority Councils.

The best way to decide the best Multifoil insulation for your project is to use our free & easy-to-use U-value calculator.

What Type of Project is Multifoil Insulation Used for?

The entire roof, walls & floors of a building can be insulated using multifoil insulation products to meet Building Control regulations. Our U-value calculator provides the best solutions to meet a specific required U-value. We have solutions for new build homes, extensions, loft conversions, barn & church conversions. Furthermore, we have insulation solutions for re-roofing a house, for pitched roofs, flat and apex roofs. Using our products one can insulate both Internal and external walls including stone walls, brick and timber frame. We also have solutions for conservatory roofs, garden buildings, sheds, stables, industrial warehouses, cellars, shipping containers and vehicles.

The Highest Performing Insulation Products we Recommend

YBS SuperQuilt – The UK’s highest performance certificated multifoil designed to insulate roofs and walls & floors. Fully LABC, BDA & BBA Certified.

YBS BreatherQuilt – High performance 2-in-1 Insulating and Breathable Quilt for Insulating over Rafters. This is a higher performance alternative to TLX Gold, costing less per square metre.

EcoQuilt Expert – This is a general purpose multifoil that is considered the best performance multifoil when based on Price V Performance. Ideal for Insulating Roofs, Walls, Floors, Garden Buildings & Shipping Containers.

FloorQuilt – This is a specialised Multifoil Insulation material designed to insulate screeded floors.

RadiFloor – This is similar to FloorQuilt with slightly less performance at a lower cost.

Eco Airtec Double – This is a high performance true aluminium bubble foil insulation solution designed as a general insulation for dry lining and thousands of domestic applications.

Shed Insulation Kit – This is a 4mm true aluminium bubble covered in two layers of foil designed to insulate Sheds.

EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit – This is the recommended product to insulate the roof, walls & floor of any timber garden buildings to meet maximum performance using the least space. The kit includes EcoQuilt Expert insulation, Thermaseal Foil Tape to seal, Staple Gun and 5,000 staples.

Eco Non-Itch Insulation – This is an 100%-recycled solution to replace nasty fibre insulation. Non-Itch is designed to insulate lofts, roofs and floors with no floating fibres.

Conservatory Insulation Kit – This is our recommended D.I.Y multifoil insulation kit which includes insulation, Thermaseal tape, staple gun, staples and special screws to fix the wooden battens to the conservatory. The end result is a conservatory that is warmer in winter and cooler in summer providing a conservatory that you can use all year round.

TyvaQuilt Roof Insulation system – This is a complete system designed to insulate a roof to meet a U-value of .18 or better. The TyvaQuilt insulation system is designed to insulate without using any Kingspan or Celotex.

Multifoil Insulation Fitting Kit – This kit includes a heavy duty staple gun, 5,000 staples, cutting knife, large scissors and knife sharpeners  – this makes cutting and fixing the insulation much easier with the right tools.

Advice from the Insulation Experts

Multifoil-Insulation.com has a team of experts who can be contacted by email or phone. Once you become a customer of Multifoil Insulation you have access to bespoke Insulation calculation. We can assist with building control issues regarding your project. Our technical experts can deal with every part of your enquiry from installation advice and technical calculations right through to taking your order and ensuring you buy your insulation at our lowest trade rates. Our Technical Sales Manager can design bespoke insulation products and together with our marketing manager provide your business with an own brand insulation solution providing the volume of insulation is viable volume for a production run.

Easy ordering and Fast Delivery from Multifoil-Insulation.com

Ordering your Insulation could not be easier. You can order Multifoil Insulation online from insulation Suppliers UK. orders placed before 2pm Monday – Friday being delivered Next Working Day. Delivery is free on all orders over £100 + Vat. You can phone us on 0114 3230012 and order by phone. You can also request a Call Me Back to order by phone.


No matter the requirements of your project, we have a product to suit your needs.

U Value Calculator

Use our free online U-value calculator to determine which solution is best for your project. Within minutes you will receive a bespoke solution which could save you time, space and cost.

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