PIR Insulation – What is the Best Alternative?

Having the correct insulation is a crucial aspect of building an efficient and sustainable home. It is vital to ensure ideal indoor temperatures, reduce energy consumption, and create a comfortable living environment. Installing efficient insulation can significantly reduce heating and cooling costs making it a valuable investment for homeowners. With the rising cost of energy, it has become more important than ever to find the right insulation solution.

The market for insulation offers a range of options, each with its unique characteristics and benefits. Conventional insulation materials such as PIR, fibreglass, mineral wool, and polystyrene have been widely used for many years. However, with the introduction of stricter building codes and energy efficiency requirements, homeowners are now turning to alternative insulation choices that promise better performance and adaptability. Let’s explore the most suitable replacement for traditional insulation materials like PIR insulation.

2024 PIR Insulation Price Increase

This year there have been challenges faced by PIR insulation, a widely used material in building-regulations-compliant insulation applications. This can be attributed to disruptions in the supply chain and global happenings, causing a significant increase of up to 20%. As a result, builders and homeowners are now on the lookout for alternative, budget-friendly options that can offer similar or better insulation capabilities.

One example of the increase is to Celotex PL4000 62.5mm insulated plasterboard. This material had an increase on both the 1st June & 1st July 2024. SuperQuilt would be a direct replacement to a 62.5mm insulated plasterboard but would cost approx £17.72 per m2, compared to under £8 per m2 on SuperQuilt (based on trade pallet deals)

Rigid Board Insulation

As the cost of PIR insulation continues to rise, it is essential to explore alternative solutions that can provide both thermal efficiency and affordability. One such option that has garnered considerable interest is Multifoil Insulation.

Below is a list of other increases, implemented by PIR manufacturers;

  • Kingspan Insulation – Between 4% & 10% – Effective from 1st August 2024 – Ranges include Therma Range, EcoTherm Range & Kooltherm Range
  • Unilin Insulation (Formerly Xtratherm) 10% increase – Effective from 1st July 2024, which is in addition to the increase which came in 1st June
  • Celotex Insulation – 10% increase – Effective from 1st July 2024, which is in addition to the increase which came in 1st June.
  • Recticel Insulation – 8% Increase – Effective from 1st June 2024
  • IKO Insulation – 8% Increase – Effective from 1st June 2024

What Makes Multifoil Insulation the Most Suitable Alternative?

Multifoil Insulation is a unique and pioneering method of insulation that utilises a blend of various layers if reflective foil, such as aluminium, along with layers of wadding, foam, or a bubble membrane. This structure leads to a highly effecitve thermal barrier, surpassing conventional insulation options in a wide range of uses.

Multifoil Insulation offers a multitude of advantages, making it a highly sought-after alternative to PIR insulation. Its adaptability is a key asset, as it can be easily applied to walls, floor, roofs, and many more! Additionally, it boasts impressive thermal effectiveness by reflecting radiant heat and reducing heat transfer. Furthermore, this insulation is lightweight, moisture-resistant, and exceptionally durable, making it an ideal choice for any building regulations application.

In Conclusion

As a homeowner and builder, it is vital to stay updated on the constantly changing insulation market and consider alternative solutions that can offer better performance and cost-effectiveness. Multifoil Insulation serves as an excellent substitute for conventional PIR insulation. It provides a wide range of benefits that can significantly enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your house. By exploring the advantages of Multifoil Insulation and seeking guidance from experts, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your home’s insulation requirements and long-term sustainability goals.

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