A Comprehensive Guide to Floor Insulation

Fully insulating your floor is an essential step towards creating a more energy-efficient and comfortable home. This is why we’ve created a A Comprehensive Guide to Floor Insulation. By reducing draughts and preventing heat loss, floor insulation will lead to lower energy bills and enhance the overall comfortability of your home. We will explore our two most popular floor insulation options: Under-floor insulation with YBS SuperQuilt and above-floor insulation with EcoTec Floor-Foam. We will look into the benefits, installation, and key differences for both insulation methods.

EcoTec FloorFoam

The Benefits of Floor Insulation

Reduce Heat Loss

Uninsulated floors can lead to a significant amount of heat loss in a home. Insulating them will help to retain warmth and create a more comfortable living environment.

Minimise Noise Transmission

Good quality floor insulation will also help reduce sound transmission between floors, creating a quieter environment.

Enhance Energy Efficiency

Insulated floors contribute to overall energy efficiency by reducing the need for excessive heating and will lead to lower energy consumption.

Improve Thermal Comfort

Uninsulated floors can cause cold spots and draughts within a home, by fully insulating the floors this will provide a more consistent temperature and prevent any cold draughts from cooling the room down.

Save on Energy Bills

By reducing heat loss, floor insulation will lead to substantial savings on energy bills over the years.

Different Types of Floor Insulation

There are two different ways to fully insulate a floor. YBS SuperQuilt is a high-performing multifoil insulation. It’s fully certified for Building Control by LABC BBA as well as BDA for underfloor insulation applications.  It offers superior thermal efficiency and can be installed in both retrofit and new build projects. However, EcoTec Floor-Foam is the best product for above-floor applications. It also has excellent thermal properties and can easily be installed directly on top of the floorboards or concrete subfloor.

YBS SuperQuilt Under Floor Insulation

YBS SuperQuilt is currently the highest-performing EN-certified reflective multifoil insulation on the market. It’s designed to save space on floor height whilst complying with building control standards. It also effectively helps prevent any moisture and draughts from rising into your living space.

In its relaxed state, SuperQuilt is 40mm in thickness and compresses down to as little as 10mm during installation. It’s manufactured in the UK and consists of 19 layers of true aluminium foil and wadding which reflects radiant heat and slows down heat transfer.

YBS SuperQuilt can be used to insulate suspended timber floors, floating timber floors, and even crawl spaces and cellars. Check out our datasheet for more information on how to install YBS SuperQuilt underfloor insulation.

EcoTec Floor-Foam Above Floor Insulation

EcoTec Floor-Foam is a multilayered aluminium dense foam membrane that can be used under many types of flooring including carpet, laminate, vinyl, wood as well as SPC-Lux flooring.

It’s just 4mm thick so it won’t impact on the floor height. It can also be installed directly to the floorboards with staples or directly to a concrete subfloor with Thermaseal Double Sided Tape or a non-solvent adhesive.

For in-depth fitting instructions check out our datasheet which contains a step-by-step guide.

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Floor insulation is a valuable investment that can be massively improve the comfortability and energy efficiency of a home. Whether you decide on under-floor insulation with YBS SuperQuilt or above-floor insulation with EcoTec Floor-Foam, both options offer excellent thermal benefits. With proper installation you can enjoy the rewards of a well insulated floor and a more energy efficient home.

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A Comprehensive Guide to Floor Insulation