Multifoil Joins The Fight Against Poverty in the UK

The Social Metrics Commission found that an estimated 14.3 million people in the UK were living in poverty in 2018. This is an astonishing number however, The Economic Times explained how the Coronavirus pandemic has amplified poverty in Britain.

Specifically, The Economic Times noted that The Trussell Trust, who has a national network of 1,200 food banks – is facing an unprecedented challenge. The challenge The Trussell Trust is facing is owed to more people demanding their services, whilst voluntary revenue is declining.

Given the above strain, Multifoil Insulation decided to run a campaign called Insulate Whilst You Isolate. The campaign allowed customers to use a discount code at the checkout – rather than just discounting the price charged to the customer, a proportion of their sale went to The Trussell Trust, rather than to Multifoil Insulation.

For a lot of customers, it was a perfect time to improve their surroundings by insulating their home with our DIY How-to-videos. Insulating during this team will mean savings on their energy and heating bills for years to come.

Our most common purchased kits during this campaign was our Conservatory Insulation Kits and our EcoPro Shed Insulation Kits.

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust

Whilst we are aware our donation will not assist the millions of people who require assistance, we are happy to know every pound donated will help somebody who requires emergency food.
We would encourage any business or individual who are in a position to donate, no matter the value.
Stay Safe!
Multifoil Insulation