Is There Only One Type of SuperQuilt Insulation?

YBS SuperQuilt insulation is a very well-known Multifoil Insulation. But is there only one type of SuperQuilt Insulation? The short answer is no, there are 3 different types of SuperQuilt insulation. The original SuperQuilt insulation that everyone knows and loves, and two newly released versions of SuperQuilt. These are called SuperQuilt Lite and SuperQuilt Trade. They all have different accreditations and thermal properties.

What’s the Difference Between the Three Insulations?


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This is the original version of SuperQuilt insulation. It’s 40mm thick and made up of 19 layers of true aluminium foil and wadding. SuperQuilt reflects up to 98% of radiant energy, and it’s the only certified Multifoil Insulation currently on the market. When taping and sealing using ThermaDeal Foil Tape we supply SuperQuilt with a lifetime guarantee! SuperQuilt can be used in areas of the home including roofs, walls, and floors.

If you’re aiming for a certain U-Value and going through building control, it’s essential to use SuperQuilt as it’s the only fully certified SuperQuilt. If you have been given a U-Value you need to meet we have a U-Value Calculator, SuperQuilt on its own may not be enough to meet a U-Value on certain products. Do not use SuperQuilt Lite or SuperQuilt Trade if you have a particular U-Value you need to meet. You can find out the U-value calculator by clicking the link below.

U-Value Calculator

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SuperQuilt Lite

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SuperQuilt Lite is a thinner version of the original SuperQuilt as it’s made from 9 layers of aluminium foil and wadding compared to 19. It’s only 32mm thick which makes it perfect for any DIY project as it still provides excellent thermal properties and it’s easier to install. It’s very adaptable and can be used in many areas of your home however, it’s not certified like the original SuperQuilt.

SuperQuilt Trade

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We have recently started stocking SuperQuilt Trade due to it’s lower price point however the foil is not made from true aluminium foil so it’s thermal properties aren’t as high as the original SuperQuilt. It is a great alternative as it does have the same amount of layers as the original SuperQuilt just the foil is made from a different material.

SuperQuilt FAQs

Is SuperQuilt Fire Resistant? 

The genuine metal exterior layers of Superquilt are flameproof, the wadding inside isn’t completely fire-proof, however, if it comes into contact with a bare flame it’ll smolder rather than spread. Currently, SuperQuilt has a Class E Euro Fire Certificate and SuperQuilt Lite is Class F.

Do You Need PPE to Handle SuperQuilt? 

No, gloves masks or any form of PPE is necessary when installing SuperQuilt. It doesn’t produce any poisonous gases or harmful fibers when cut or installed.

 What’s the difference between SuperQuilt and SuperFoil?  

SuperFoil uses metalized foils and has a lower Fire classification Grade. SuperQuilt is fully certified and made in the UK, it’s a luxury product with true alumintium foil.

Trade Pallet

If you’re looking to place a large order of SuperQuilt you can buy our Trade Pallet Deals. This will be the lowest price per roll and it also includes everything you need for installation including ThermaSeal Foil Tape, Staple Gun, and 5000 14mm Staples.

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