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How To Insulate a Timber Building with EcoPro Shed Kit

Difficulty: Easy • 11 Steps

You can make your Garden Room suitable for all year round use, by Insulating with our EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit. 

The EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit ensures that your Garden room retains the heat in the winter, and reflects away excess and unwanted heat in the summer.

The EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit includes;

Insulation – We offer a range of kits to ensure you have enough material for your Garden Building – find out how much you need HERE

ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape

1 x Staple Gun Kit, which includes a Heavy Duty Staple Gun and 5,000 14mm Staples.

1 Knife (to Cut when required).

When you purchase a EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit, you benefit from a Free Next Working Day Delivery Service*

See below a Step by Step Guide of How to Insulate a Timber Building with EcoPro Shed Kit


view_day Insulation Materials

Method Steps

  1. Staple the EcoQuilt Expert Straight Under Roof Rafters

    Begin on the Roof - staple the EcoQuilt Expert internally straight under the roof rafters - staple leaving a maximum of a 2 inch gap. Ensure that the EcoQuilt Is Pulled Tort, across each rafter.

  2. Cut off the Excess

    Once you have secured the fist section you can then cut off any excess material, using a the knife provided in the EcoPro Kit.

  3. Repeat the Process

    Move across to the next roof section and repeat the process again. Ensure you overlap the EcoQuilt by 50mm on to the first section. The staples we provide, within the kit, are 14mm so you can easily staple through two layers.

  4. Tape - Using ThermaSeal Foil Joining

    Using our ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape - Tape all of your overlaps and edges.

  5. Use Off Cuts If Required

    The aim is to have a continuous layer. So, use any Offcuts if required to ensure that you have full coverage. Again, remember to follow with the foil joining tape.

  6. Install Battens

    Fix the 25mm battens to secure the quilt. Fix the battens using screws with a depth of 35mm (minimum). Apply pressure to the batten - this will compress the EcoQuilt and prevent any draping. Fix the remaining battens in the exact same way.

  7. Insulate the Walls

    Insulate the walls in the exact same way, just ensure you have an airgap of 90mm either side of the EcoQuilt Expert. If your Garden Building has existing stoodwork, simply recess the insulation half way back, by stapling the sides of the stood.

  8. Don't have Existing Studs, on the walls?

    If you do not have existing studs on the walls, then simply install 25mm battens on to the walls using screws.

  9. Insulate the walls

    Staple the insulation exactly the same way as you did on the roof section, ensuring that all the joints are fully taped with the Foil Joining Tape. Then counter batten (apply a second batten) as you did on the roof to compress the EcoQuilt.

  10. Fix your Internal Finish

    Plyboard (which is the finish installed in the video) is easy to paint and gives a smooth finish too. Plasterboard and Cladding are common alternatives that can be used too.

  11. Enjoy your Fully Insulated Garden Room!


Buy Tools & Materials

Our EcoPro Shed Insulation Kit is ideal for insulating Garden Offices, Games Rooms, Workshops and any Timber Building. EcoQuilt Expert is a high performing Multifoil insulation for use all year round.

EcoPro is designed to reflect cold away during the winter months while reflecting warm air back into the building. During the Summer months EcoPro reflects excess heat away, keeping your Timber Building at a comfortable temperature all year round.

The EcoPro Shed Insulation is 15mm thick in its open state and only 6mm thick when compressed between battens. A 25mm air gap either side of the product will help the MultiFoil Insulation reflect and stop any condensation when fully taped and sealed.

This kit includes a 1.5m x 10m Roll (15m²) of EcoPro Insulation, Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape 75mm x 50m, Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit and a Cutting Knife. Everything you need to install your High Performing Multifoil Insulation.

All orders of EcoPro Shed Insulation Kits are delivered Carriage Free to the UK Mainland. Order before 2pm to receive your goods the following working day!

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