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How To Install TPS Thermal Pallet Covers

Difficulty: Easy • 3 Steps

How To Install TPS Thermal Pallet Covers will explain the short and easy installation method of our Thermal Pallet Covers. These highly reflecive insulated Pallet Covers will help protect temperature sensitive goods stay fresh or frozen throughout transport.

TPS offer a range of different sizes to suit your needs. We also offer having a velcro seal system and insulated pallet base for Pallet Covers that are regularly re-used.

Installation usually takes around 5-10 minutes per pallet cover and can easily be installed by one person.

Multifoil-Insulation are the leading UK & European distributor of Multifoil Insulation products. We offer free next working day delivery to the UK Mainland (Order before 2pm)

Method Steps

  1. Installing the Insulated Pallet Base (Optional)

    If you have purchased the Insulated Pallet Base this would need to be installed first onto a sturdy Wooden or Plastic Pallet. We recommend laying this flat and square to the pallet with the Adhesive Tape/Velcro on the upper side of the piece of insulation.

  2. Adding Product

    After the Insulated pallet base is installed you can then start to add your product on top of the insulated base. We recommend ensuring that your product is square and neatly packed. This is important as a neat pallet will allow the insulated cover to fit perfectly.

  3. Sealing the Insulated Cover

    Once your Insulated Cover has been placed over your goods you will then need to peel back the adhieve strip and seal all sides and corners. If you have opted to use a velcro seal then this can be simply sealed over. If an insulated Pallet Base is being used you will need to seal this to the insulated cover also.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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