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How To Install TPS Insulated Container Insulation Liners

Difficulty: Easy • 4 Steps

This How-To Guide will show exactly how our TPS Insulated Container Liners are fitted in 20ft Containers while taking up minimal room. This method is commonly used for keeping temperature sensitive goods safe throughout transport. These are also commonly used for converting Shipping Containers into storage units.

We offer TPS Shipping Container Liner Insulation in kits to fit all sizes of Containers such as 20ft’s, 40ft’s, 10ft’s and High Cube Containers.

Installation usually takes around 30 – 60 minuate and we recommend having an extra pair of hands to help with the installation.


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Method Steps

  1. Cleaning the Container

    Make sure the Container is Clean and Dust Free. This can be wiped with a soap and water or by using White Spirit to remove any excess dirt. Ensuring the Container Is clean is vital as this will ensure that the Insulation lasts the lifetime of the Container.

  2. Installing Wall Insulation

    Start by unrolling the wall Insulation and begin to peel back the Double Sided Adhesive starting from the middle of the back Doors. Ensure that you apply enough pressure on the double sided adhesive to guarantee a strong bond. This is commonly used with soft brush. Repeat this step with the second Wall Part.

  3. Installing Roof Insulation

    Start by unrolling the first Roof Piece of insulation out across one side of the roof, peeling back the Double Sided Adhesive as you go. This is then repeated with the second Roof Piece, ensuring a tight bond on the adhesive and butted up again the first roof piece installed.

  4. Sealing with Foil Tape

    To ensure that no condensation will form within the container it is important to tape and seal using the Foil Tape provided in the Insulation Kit. This is applied around the whole perimeter and across all butt joints. We recommend going overkill with the Foil Tape to ensure a complete seal.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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