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How to Install Foil-Tec Single and Double – Roof Installation

Difficulty: Easy • 5 Steps

A detailed How To Guide on how you install foil-Tec Single and Double. This guide will show you specifically how to install it for under-rafter roof applications, but you can also benefit from using this product on walls too.

This is an in depth step by step installation guide that details how you install Foil-Tec Single and Double VCL for roof applications.

Foil-Tec is fully corrosion resistant, reflective and robust vapour control layer you’ll benefit from both its condensation control and thermal benefits.

It surpasses the conventional vapour control layer, owed to it providing strength and reflective thermal properties – in addition to vapour control.

Method Steps

  1. Roll the Foil-Tec over the Rafters

    Roll the Foil-Tec VCL directly over the roof rafters either vertically or horizontally, depending on the height of your roof.

  2. Staple it in place

    Ensure the foil is facinf the adjacent air space. Pull the Foil-Tec tight and staple into place on to the roof rafters.

  3. Tape and seal

    Tape and seal around all the roof edges and joints to ensure you get the full benefits from the vapour control layer. To tape and seal use the ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape.

  4. If required fix counter battens

    If you don't have a cavity between the roof rafters then we recommend battens horizontally at 600mm centres. Battens should be 25mm x 38mm

  5. Install plaster board

    You can follow up with the plasterboard by securing it to the battens or the rafters if you didn't add battens.

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