How to professionally cut Multifoil Insulation products such as SuperQuilt & EcoQuilt Expert

A question commonly asked by the trade is if there is a specific method to cut Multifoil Insulation materials.

In the video below, you will see our three methods of cutting YBS SuperQuilt. These methods which will be useful when using other materials on the market such as EcoQuilt Expert, BreatherQuilt, TLX Gold & TLX Silver.

The first and second methods, our Cutting Knife and Multifoil Scissors can be purchased in our Multifoil Fitting Kit – Product Link

The third is using an Electric Cutting Tool, which is popular for installers who deal with Multifoil’s regularly.

You can purchase YBS SuperQuilt direct from Multifoil Insulation. We deliver on a free next working day delivery service throughout the UK Mainland. (2+ Rolls)

Multifoil Insulation also supply to customers outside the UK and throughout Europe. Find our Export Trade Pallets for more information.

YBS SuperQuilt single rolls are available here – Product Link

YBS SuperQuilt Trade Pallets are available here – Product Link

Further technical information on SuperQuilt Insulation can found on the link here.