YBS BreatherQuilt – The TLX Gold Alternative!

YBS Breather Quilt is an even better-performing and more affordable alternative to TLX Gold

This insulating 2-in-1 multifoil and breathable membrane will benefit any construction project. By saving on cost, installation time, and even saving on space. BreatherQuilt is part of our 3-Layer Multifoil Insulation Re-Roof System. In conjunction with a double layer of YBS SuperQuilt, this obtains a U-Value of 0.18 in your roof. If you are looking for a specific U-Value see our free online U-Value Calculator to see how BreatherQuilt can benefit your project.

YBS Breatherquilt is made of 11 layers of wadding and highly reflective fully perforated foil it also has an outer waterproof and breathable membrane. All of this works together to keep your roof dry and your home warm. BreatherQuilt now comes with double-sided tape pre-attached which makes installation even quicker and easier. It’s also LABC and BDA approved for Building Control.

BreatherQuilt should be hung loosely from the rafters horizontally before the tile battens. If you’re planning to install BreatherQuilt taught across the battens a counter batten should be installed before the tile batten. It’s also supplied in easy-to-handle rolls that are 1.2m by 10m.

So why do more Builders and Roofers choose to install YBS BreatherQuilt?

BreatherQuilt is a multilayer breathable insulation that is incredibly flexible, achieves a high level of thermal resistance, and it’s easy to install. In addition to its 11 layers of wadding and aluminium foil, it has a breathable membrane outer layer. This combines 2 products in 1 as you won’t need to install a seperate breathable membrane which saves money, time, and roof height space.

  • Improved thermal efficiency
  • Designed to provide better-reflecting qualities
  • Thinner for installation to save room
  • More affordable
  • British manufactured to support industry
  • When using the Triple Layer Re-Roof System or the TyvaQuilt Insulation System, it is designed so that no Kingspan or Celotex is needed.

When employing BreatherQuilt, a U-Value of 0.18 or lower can be attained with ease. Installing BreatherQuilt over a rafter involves stapling it in place. To satisfy the current 0.18 building control criteria, just secure two layers of SuperQuilt in addition to BreatherQuilt.

Created as a more affordable and better-performing alternative to TLX Gold, BreatherQuilt is a game changer!

BreatherQuilt is made in the UK to a high level and is certified for use in building control by the LABC and BDA. Comparing this product to conventional roofing techniques will result in cost, space, and installation time savings.

General Fixing Instructions:

BreatherQuilt should be installed for pitched roof applications in line with the manufacturer’s certificate, fixing instructions, and current standard building practice, as well as any other applicable regulations:

  • Start at the bottom of the roof by rolling BreatherQuilt across the rafters and staple it to the place.
  • additional rolls should be butt-jointed and sealed using ThermaSeal Waterproof Tape.
  • Use the double-sided tape already attached and stick it in place.
  • Install the next layer of BreatherQuilt overlapping the material by 75mm.
  • Staple as before and then secure with the double-sided tape.
  • Additional rolls should be butt-jointed and sealed using waterproof tape
  • BreatherQuilt can be cut with a craft knife or a sharp pair of scissors.
  • Staple at regular intervals using a minimum of 14mm stainless steel or galvanized staples are recommended
  • No protective clothing/handling required

BreatherQuilt is also supplied as a Trade Pallet Deal which means you can purchase it at the lowest price per roll. The pallet also includes a FREE Staple Gun Kit and 2 FREE rolls of ThermaSeal Weatherproof Tape. CLICK HERE!

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YBS BreatherQuilt – The TLX Gold Alternative!