Under Rafter Insulation Kit – New Product Available Now

Did you know that a home loses about 25% of its heat through the roof if it’s not well insulated? taking steps to insulate your loft correctly is one of the simplest and most affordable ways to increase a building’s energy efficiency. There are so many great benefits to having your loft insulated for example,

  • Keeping your home cool in the summer
  • Preventing heat loss in the winter
  • Lower energy bills
  • Reduced carbon footprint

We have a new product available that will make sure the heat you are paying for doesn’t go directly out the roof via your loft…

NEW Under Rafter Insulation Kit 

We have created an easy-to-install, highly effective Under Rafter Insulation Kit. When installed massively reduces heat loss which will also have an impact on reducing your energy bills. By installing the correct loft insulation you can start saving and getting a return on your investment every single year!

You can install this Insulation yourself, by simply stapling the Multifoil to the underside of your Rafters. Overlap each layer by 50mm, but then do not tape the material. You don’t need professional installers, as the insulation within the kit is free from any harmful floating fibers and you do not require any protective clothing to install it.

What is Included in the Under Rafter Insulation Kit?

  • Multifoil Insulation – EcoQuilt Expert 1.5 x 10m (15m²)

EcoQuilt Expert is a High Performing Multifoil Insulation at 15mm Thick – Compressing to only 6mm when installed. It is equivalent to 100mm of Rockwool or 50mm of Rigid Board Insulation such as Kingspan. This Multifoil will therefore help you retain heat, in less Cost, Space, and Installation Time.

  • Staple Gun Kit

This comprises of a Heavy-Duty Staple Gun and 5,000 x 14mm Staples to Staple the EcoQuilt Expert into place.

  • 10″ Multifoil Insulation Scissors

Stainless Steel Scissors, suitable for Cutting Multifoils

What are the benefits of installing our Under Rafter Insulation Kit?

1 – Reduce Environmental Impact

One of the many benefits of insulating your loft is the reduction of carbon dioxide because you’re will be using less energy to heat your home. According to the Energy Saving Trust, depending on the size and construction of the property, this might result in annual carbon dioxide savings of between 550 Kg and 1030 Kg.

2 – Less Heat Loss

Did you know uninsulated loft spaces lose around 25% of your homes heat. The entire purpose of insulating your loft is to reduce this heat loss by establishing a thermal barrier that stops heat from rising through your roof and escaping.

3 – The Value of Your Home will Rise

Getting a higher your home’s heat? Energy Performance Certificate will add value to your house and add to the marketability when you’re looking to resell you house.

4 – Save on Energy Bills

You can consistently save up to £110 a year with loft insulation. Your energy bills are immediately affected by this. And because loft insulation has its life expectancy, it will more than pay you. Additionally, bear in mind that you may be eligible for a government subsidy or grant from an energy provider, both of which can significantly lower the cost of adding loft insulation and, in some cases, even cover the entire project’s cost.

5 – Noise Reduction

In general, insulation can ease the effects of noise pollution and lessen the amount of noise that enters your home. On the upper floors of your home, you should be able to hear a difference in the amount of noise coming into the house.

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