How to Prevent Draughty Floorboards

How to prevent draughty floorboards this winter. In the UK we are getting longer and colder winters, with freezing temperatures stretching into February and beyond. With effects like the “beast from the east” a few years back. When you have to deal with the draughts during these conditions it can quickly cool your house down. You’re not the only one if you’re concerned about paying hefty energy bills as the cold weather arrives.  To prevent a blast of chilly air from entering your house through the floorboards we have come up with a solution…

Our EcoTec FloorFoam Kit

FloorFoam Insulation Kit

A minor draught may not cause too much of an issue, but significant draughts can cause a lot of heat to escape and cold air to enter. Unfortunately, even warm homes can become very cold. Draughty floorboards in particular can cause a lot of problems; with high energy bills being top of the list.

Problems with heat retention and property warmth, the answer is insulation. However, many people are concerned that insulating and draught proofing can lead to problems with dampness and condensation. There is a small element of truth to this but this is mostly related to people confusing draughts and draught proofing with well-controlled heating and ventilation practices.

Everything you Need to Know About our EcoTec FloorFoam Insulation Kit

Around 15% of energy can be lost through draughty floorboards! For wooden and concrete floors we have a simple and easy way to install a solution. The EcoTec FloorFoam Insulation Kit is designed for under carpet underlay, engineering flooring, laminate, wooden floor, and vinyl floors. This prevents cold from entering your home from the original concrete or wooden floor below.

You do not need access to the underside of your floor and don’t have to remove floorboards to install the EcoTec FloorFoam. EcoTec Floorfoam helps prevent cold air from penetrating rooms through concrete and timber floors. There are also additional benefits by reducing condensation and helping to dampen sound. Floorfoam is made from high-density polyester foam with a highly reflective true aluminum foil on either side and is only 4mm thick.

Installing EcoTec Floorfoam Insulation Kit

The most important rooms to fit floor foam s where you get rising cold air which kills home energy efficiency. For example:

  • Ground floors
  • Upper floors
  • above unheated spaces like garages

You can easily fit floor foam by laying it directly onto the timber and concrete floors. Ensure the edges are together and seal the joint with our 75mm Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape, which is included in the kit. Following these steps, you can lay your flooring over the top as recommended by manufacturers’ instructions.

However, if you’re installing Vinyl Flooring we recommend using a thin plyboard above the Floorfoam to ensure the vinyl has a rigid surface o sit on. One roll of Floorfoam is 1.2m by 25m which will cover 30 square meters.

FloorFoam Fitting

If you are looking for extra insulation you can use our EcoQuilt Expert on the underside of your joists giving a better thermal performance.

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