How to Prepare Your Conservatory for a Cold Winter

How to prepare your conservatory for a cold winter. People mostly use their conservatories during the warmer months. However when the cold weather comes in conservatories usually get a lot less use. We want to show you some tips on how to make your conservatory a much warmer and more useful room during the winter. A big answer to this problem is the correct conservatory insulation which will help prevent the warm air from escaping and stop the cold air from entering the space.

Here is a list of tips on how to protect your conservatory from the cold winter months…

Top Tip #1

Most older conservatories were made with a polycarbonate roof, however, this plastic-like material provides next to no insulation. This will cause your conservatory to drop in temperature significantly when your radiators and heaters aren’t on. It can be quite pricey, but replacing your roof with a well-insulated one will have a massive impact on how much warmth your conservatory will retain.

A much cheaper way to insulate your roof is by using our Conservatory Insulation Kit on the roof you already have, which uses our best-selling EcoQuilt Expert Multifoil Insulation. This product helps retain heat during winter and prevents cold from entering. There are even more benefits, during the summer Ecoquilt Expert reflects away any excess heat away from the conservatory. Effectively maintains a much more comfortable temperature during really hot weather.

Top Tip #2

A much more cost-effective solution to add warmth to the space is by adding lots of soft furnishings such as blinds, throws, pillows, and rugs. They provide a surprising amount of heat retention. Blinds are a great way of adding insulation. It creates an extra layer of protection from the cold getting in. They will also help prevent any draughts from getting into the space. Throws and blankets are ideal for furniture especially leather sofas and chairs to not feel so cold when you use them.

Top Tip #3

Conservatories can produce a lot of draughts if the windows and doors aren’t sealed properly. draughts aren’t a huge concern however they won’t help keep your conservatory at a warm and comfortable temperature.

Top Tip #4

Replacing your flooring with an alternative that has better insulating properties can make the room feel much warmer. A deep pile carpet, highly rated underlay or floor tiles can help prevent your floors from feeling so cold. another great idea is to install underfloor heating which will make the room a much more comfortable temperature. For an instant and budget-friendly option adding a large thick rug would work just as well.

Top Tip #5

Glass isn’t the best material for retaining heat even with the most advanced triple-glazing. An insulated wall will hold heat a lot better. It’s important when looking into conservatories that you look at a variety of glass and variable quality levels and compare the cost to your entire spending plan.

If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly solution, our ThermaFrost Conservatory Roof Window Tint is made for fitting on glass conservatories. the benefit of installing window tint is that it reduces 30% of solar glare, which prevents the sun’s glare from shining off the multifoil insulation we recommend installing.  It creates an opaque finish to the roof which is lightweight, easy to install, and cost-effective.

Top Tip #6

It is a misconception that continuously running your radiators at a low temperature will help keep costs down. However, this isn’t true, using your heating as and when you need it is a much better way of heating your conservatory. This is why you need it to be well insulated to prevent all the heat from escaping and keep the room warmer for longer. Most of us have convector radiators which mean most of the heat produced rises vertically. the glass won’t retain the heat and most of the heat will dissipate through your roof.

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