Beat the Energy Price Increase by Insulating

It’s hard to miss in the media at the moment, energy prices are due to soar. Ultimately, prices of gas and fossil fuels are increasing at an unprecedented rate, which ultimately means customers (we) are going to have to pay MORE for energy. So, Beat the Energy Price Increase by Insulating

The price cap is being removed in April, which is why it is critical that you act now, before the increase actually hits.

Although we cannot control the energy price increase, there are some things that we can control that will massively help protect you from seeing a huge jump.

Now, one idea is to use less energy in your home – but that’s in many aspects unrealistic. Many of us, don’t use energy for the sake of it! Also, in the cold months, it is a necessity to use energy to heat your home. So, although you can make smart choices and cut backs (if you don’t already) – it is in our view naïve to suggest just cut your usage to fight against the soaring rates.

So, instead the energy saving experts recommend that you insulate your home as a preventative measure, so you aren’t hit quite so hard by the increase.

Insulate Your Home

Where should you insulate? You may ask – Well in short, anywhere that is uninsulated /cold.

There are a couple of things to consider when deciding where to insulate, firstly consider – where YOU spend most time. Secondly, where YOU are loosing most of your heat. 

When assessing where you are loosing the most heat, check out your loft space. If you go up in your loft and it is cold right now, it is likely to be either poorly insulated or uninsulated.

Loft / Roof

A poorly insulated or uninsulated loft, means that heat rises and then escapes right above you. So, you are paying money for energy that is going directly out of the roof. To make this clear, you may as well throw your money out of the window (or roof!!).


Energy Escaping

If this is you – insulate your roof / loft space with multifoil insulation. By insulating with multifoil insulation, the heat that you are paying floor gets reflected back in to the home below. Not only that, the insulation will reflect the cold away from your home too – so its a win – win.

Now, you can insulate at rafter level – simply by stapling multifoil insulation to the underside of the rafters. Or, if you already have insulation there – you can insulate the loft floor. 

The products commonly used for this application are: SuperQuilt Insulation / EcoQuilt Insulation. 

Improving the insulation in your loft is a must right now, you will require less heat energy (Less Money) to maintain the same internal temperature at home when you have insulated.

Next up – Walls!


Insulating your walls with either EcoQuilt, EcoAirTec of SuperQuilt will prevent heat escaping via that avenue. I would say this is a must if you have ever noticed any kind of damp / mould. We understand insulating the walls is not always the most practical solution if your home is decorated. If you can insulate your walls, it is very much worthwhile!

Finally, the Floor.


If you are just about to Carpet, Laminate or Vinyl your floor – stop and insulate with EcoTec Floor Foam. Arguably this is one of our most popular products, owed to the fact it is so easy to install and it prevents cold air entering from below.

If you have space to install battens, you may opt for a higher performing product such as Radifloor,  SuperQuilt or EcoQuilt– we have a product that is perfect for your specific home. Just contact us if you need assistance choosing which will be most suitable for your particular project.

What Next?

Have a look at your options. We have really useful how to guides and videos on all our applications.

We also have a downloadable How To Insulate Your Home Guide, which is perfect for inspiration and advising which products can be used where!

You also have the option to get in touch if you would like to discus your specific options. Just Request a Call Back OR Contact Us on our Enquiry Form.