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How to Insulate Your Loft Floor Without Using Fibreglass

Difficulty: Easy • 5 Steps

This How-To-Guide will display how to insulate your loft floor, without the use of Mineral Wool or Fibreglass.

The insulation included in the Loft Floor Insulation Kit is EcoQuilt Expert. EcoQuilt Expert is a 15mm, 6 Layer Multifoil with reflective external layers. The product is thin, flexible, easy to install and does not contain any floating or harmful fibers.

The How-To-Guide is based on a single layer of EcoQuilt Expert. If you wish to proceed with the double layer option, please view the video for more information.

EcoQuilt Expert is equivalent to approx 100mm of Mineral Wool.

Multifoil-Insulation are the leading UK & European distributor of Multifoil Insulation products. We offer free next working day delivery to the UK Mainland (Order before 2pm)

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Method Steps

  1. Remove Existing Insulation

    Start by removing the existing loft insulation. Ensure a mask and protective clothing is used to avoid irritation to the skin.

  2. Installing 1st run of EcoQuilt

    Measure out the length of material required, then roll our EcoQuilt over the joists. EcoQuilt can be simply be cut using scissors or a cutting knife - Both available in our Multifoil Fitting Kit. Ensure when 2nd layer is installed, ensure the layers are overlapped by min 50mm.

  3. Recess and Staple EcoQuilt

    Staple EcoQuilt on both the top of the joists, and also on the sides when recessing. We recommend the use of a 25mm batten to use as a template, this will ensure accurate and correct air gaps. The benefit of recessing is to create a cavity without the use of a batten. When a cavity is formed, optimum performance is gained from the insulation.

  4. Taping & Sealing

    Ensure all overlaps are fully taped and sealed using Thermaseal Foil Tape (Provided in the kit) Ensure the brick walls are dust and debris free. Fully tape and seal around the perimeter with Thermaseal Tape. This will ensure EcoQuilt works as an Insulating Vapour Control Layer. It will avoid any air leakages, and keep the heat on the internal.

  5. Installing Loft Board

    Once 1 Layer of EcoQuilt is installed and tape, you are ready for the installation of loft boards. This can be screwed directly into the joists.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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