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How to Use FastFix Multifoil Insulation Screws

Difficulty: Easy • 3 Steps

FastFix Multifoil Insulation Screws have been designed to prevent the layers of the Multifoil Insulation from binding around the screws during installation. Using these screws can speed up the installation and make the process a lot smoother.

FastFix Multifoil Insulation screws can be used to install all types of Multifoil Insulation including:

  • YBS SuperQuilt
  • EcoQuilt Expert
  • YBS BreatherQuilt
  • EcoQuilt45
  • YBS SuperQuilt Lite
  • YBS SuperQuilt Trade

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Method Steps

  1. Install Multifoil Insulation

    Install your chosen Multifoil Insulation as instructed by the manufcaturer. Before installing your battens read step 2.

  2. Install Battens

    Use the FastFix Multifoil Insulation Screws to install the wooden battens to the joists/battens underneath.

  3. Finish Your Multifoil Insulation Project

    Finish your project by either leaving the Multifoil Insulation exposed or finish with plasterboard or cladding.

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