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How to Insulate your Loft (Under Rafter Detail)

Difficulty: Easy • 7 Steps

Here at Multifoil Insulation we have created easy to follow instructions, which will enable you to insulate the underside of your roof rafters. We detail the options of installing one or two layers!



When installed you will retain the heat you are paying for. This multifoil insulation house blanket acts as a barrier between your home and the external temperature fluctuations. You can therefore start to enjoy the heat you are paying for.

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Method Steps

  1. Measure, Roll and Cut the Multifoil Insulation

    Measure how much insulation is required for the first run. Lay the insulation material out on the floor and then cut using our multifoil insulation scissors. These scissors are supplied in the EcoPro Under Rafter Insulation Kit. You can install this in either direction, so long as you have full coverage. TIP: Cut the insulation first, so you don't have the weight of the whole roll in the way whilst stapling.

  2. Install your first layer of EcoQuilt

    Staple the First Layer of Insulation in to place. We advise leaving a gap of 300mm intervals, to ensure than your material holds securely in place.

  3. Install the Next Layer

    Staple the next layers, ensuring that you overlap the former layer by 50mm. If you overlap by more than 50mm, that's ok. This overlap will ensure that you get the best level of performance out of the products.

  4. Optional: Batten Over The Multifoil

    Depending on the purpose of your loft space, you may now opt to batten over the insulation. This is common for those people who wish to use the space, whilst a lot of our customers leave the insulation exposed - given the room is primarily used for storage purposes.

  5. Internal Finish

    It is common to plasterboard over - but you can finish as you please. So long as you have an air cavity between the insulation and your chosen finish.

  6. Want to Double the Performance?

    To double the performance, you can double up on the layers. Install your first layer by recessing it in and stapling to the side of the roof rafter. This way, you will create an air cavity between your first and second layer - without loosing to much space or requiring additional battens.

  7. Install your Second Layer of Multifoil

    Staple your second layer of insulation directly to the underside of your roof rafters. This should be installed in line with the roof rafter, straight across.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.


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