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How to Install Foil-Tec Single and double – Wall Installation

Difficulty: Easy • 6 Steps

In this how-to guide, we’ll show you the correct way to install Foil-Tec Single and Double for both cavity walls and timber frame applications.

Foil-Tec is an Insulating Vapour Control Layer, under 1mm thick. It provides thermal performance, without taking up any space. To put this into perspective, it equates to around 32mm of Mineral Wool! It is therefore often used to enhance the u-value of a build-up when installed.


Method Steps

  1. Staple Foil-Tec into place

    Install Foil-Tec directly to the wall or timber joists either horizontally or vertically. Make sure the Foil-Tec is pulled taught throughout the application and the reflective side faces inside the room.

  2. Tape and seal

    Using ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape seal all the overlaps and perimeter.

  3. Install Battens

    Install battens (25mm by 28mm) to the wall at 400mm centres. Battens must always be placed at the top and bottom of the wall and around the perimeter of doors and windows.

  4. Cavity walls

    For cavity walls battens can be screwed directly into the wall behind.

  5. Timber frame

    For timber frames battens must be screwed into the joists behind the Foil-Tec.

  6. Plasterboard

    Following the manufacturers fixing instructions plasterboard can be fixed to the battens.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

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