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How To Install BreatherFoil To External Walls

Difficulty: Easy • 8 Steps

This How To Guide will explain the simple process of installing YBS BreatherFoil FR onto external Timber Frame Walls.

BreatherFoil is the higher performing alternative to Reflex, TF200 and Reflectashield.

This product is BDA KIWA certifed for use with Building Control and can be purchased online via our website, at the lowest trade rates.


Multifoil-Insulation are the leading UK & European distributor of Multifoil Insulation products. We offer free next working day delivery to the UK Mainland (Order before 2pm)

Method Steps

  1. Preparing The External Wall

    Prepare for the BreatherFoil installation by removing any exisiting Cladding on the external of the walls, exposing the OSB / Sarking Board.

  2. Attaching The First Layer Of BreatherFoil

    Roll the material out flat against the wall, then staple the BreatherFoil directly to the external timber boarding, at a minimum of 300mm intervals.

  3. Sealing Vertical Joints

    Where vertical joints occur; ensure a minimum overlap of 100mm & seal using ThermaSeal Foil Joining Tape.

  4. Horizontal Joints

    Where horizontal joints occur; ensure a minimum overlap of 75mm, leaving the overlaps untaped.

  5. Adding The Second Layer Of BreatherFoil

    Staple the BreatherFoil directly on to the external timber boarding as before, at a minimum of 300mm intervals.

  6. Tape The Vertical Sides

    Seal the vertical sides using ThermaSeal Foil Tape, leaving the top and bottom untaped.

  7. Applying Timber Battens

    Fix a layer of timber battens (minimum of 25mm), perpendicular to the rafters at minimum intervals of 400mm.

  8. Applying External Cladding

    To complete the installation, apply the external finish in accordance with the manufacturers certification, fixing instructions & good building practice.

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Disclaimer – Multifoil-Insulation cannot be held responsible for any losses financially or physically from advice provided in this How-To-Guide.

Installation of BreatherFoil Insulation for External Walls should be in harmony with the official certificate. Recommended fixing materials and good building practice should also be used.

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