RadiFloor Export Trade Pallet

RadiFloor Export Trade Pallet

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Key Features

  • Thin, Flexible and Easy to Install
  • R-Value of up to 2.272
  • FREE Thermaseal Tapes & FREE Staple Gun Kit
  • Suitable for Liquid Screeds
  • UK Manufactured
  • Built in Damp Proof Membrane
  • Reflect up t0 97% Radiant energy

RadiFloor Export Trade Pallet – Delivered anywhere in Europe. Includes FREE Thermaseal Foil Joining Tapes aswell as a FREE Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit.

RadiFloor Multifoil Insulation is the ideal solution for various flooring applications such as Screeded FloorsSuspended and Floating Timber Floors. RadiFloor works incredibly well when used in conjunction with underfloor heating, as it stops cold from rising, aswell as reflecting 97% of the radiant energy back into your room.

Limited floor heights are regularly an issue in flooring scenarios, and often Rigid, Bulky PIR boards such as Kingspan & Celotex are not an option due to their thickness. RadiFloor Multifoil Insulation is an ideal replacement as with adequate airspace’s the product is equivalent to approx 50mm of Kingspan/Celotex, despite being 15mm thick and compressing to as little as 5mm.

Multifoil-Insulation’s RadiFloor Export Trade Pallet consists of 20 rolls of RadiFloor 1.2m x 10m, 10 FREE rolls of Thermaseal Foil Joining Tape 75mm x 50m & 1 FREE Heavy Duty Staple Gun & 5,000 Staples. This Trade Pallet consists of total 240m²

Multifoil Insulation currently delivers to the following European countries; Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Republic of Ireland & Spain.

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RadiFloor is a 6 layer Multifoil Insulation made up of layers such as Recycled Wadding and reflective foils. Due to the reflective foil layers RadiFloor works as a Damp Proof Membrane and also a Vapour Control Layer.

If you are looking for a material to be installed on the internal side of your timber or concrete floor, please see our EcoTec FloorFoam Export Trade Pallet Deal. EcoTec FloorFoam is ideal for installing directly underneath Carpet or Laminate Flooring!


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